Merry Make-up Looks 2014

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Do you want to sparkle more than your holiday centerpiece at this years holiday bash, or simply cozy-up near the fireplace with your significant other? Toronto make-up artist Emily Sara Pike gives the inside scoop on the hottest holiday make-up trends.  

2014 holiday_blog-01FROCKTAILS WITH THE GIRLS

No need to try so hard, look like a fabulous YOU. Try a smokey eye in brown and bronze tones rather than the traditional black. Overcoat your lashes for some extra drama and choose a highlighter for your brow bone and inner eye.

Adding a thin black line in your upper and lower water lines can make your eyes pop that extra little bit.

Oh, and never leave your brows out — especially when flaunting a smokey eye. Achieve this look with the help of Elizabeth Grant Black Eyeliner & Angle Brush.


Model: Lauren Wood – Sutherland Models | Photographer: Stefan Kolesnicowicz

2014 holiday_blog-02


When I’m with the fam, I’m my most TRUE self. I like to add some foundation to a moisturizer and apply it all over the face and neck. I’ll perfect under the eyes and any discolouration with some concealer but (overall) keep the skin looking fresh and moisturized. Keep a monochromatic look by using the same cheek colour on eyes and lips. Use your blush for a nice flush, and to contour in your eye crease. Add some blush into your favourite lip balm to make a custom tinted balm in the perfect shade to match your look. Or, use a cream blush & cut down on time/steps

2014 holiday_blog-03ANNUAL OFFICE PARTY

You never want to overdo it: A simple, yet stylish and classic look for this occasion. Don’t be afraid to use a dramatic lipstick — something outside the box (not just the standard red). Why not try Beautiful Colours Tinted Moisturizer in Flirty Berry. Keep the eyes simple by using a complimentary colour, mid tone, to your lipstick. Blend the one shade all over the lid, up to the crease keeping the heaviest concentration of colour at the lash line. Play up the lashes with lots of mascara or a pair of falsies. Highlight, on the brow bone, down the nose, on the cheekbones – but not the inner eye.

2014 holiday_blog-04


Keep your lips kissable with a natural lip tone, guys tend to be intimidated by a dark lip. Make those eye sultry and SMOKEN hot! Start the process with a midtone bronze on the lid, sweep a black in the crease and don’t be afraid to pull almost all the way into the inner corner of the eye. Concentrate a little extra darkness in the corner of the outer eye and smoke it down just slightly into the bottom lash line. Your brows frame the smokey eye so be sure to fill them in.  Fine tune your look with precision perfect brows, use the Light Up Your Brows with built in LED light.

CF028500 1

Model: Jemma Babayeva | Photographer: Sasha Onyshchenko

2014 holiday_blog-05INSIDERS TIP: DAY TO NIGHT

Take your day look to night by sweeping the blackest of black shadow all over they upper lid and smudge it along the bottom lash line, the messier the better. Grab a super glossy clear gloss and apply it over your natural lip.

Makeup Monday With Nitsan Raiter

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 BIO: Nitsan Rnitsannaiter is currently studying BBA at the Schulich School of  Business.
Being only 20 years old, she is known among her friends and family to be the makeup artist that they all run to. Providing excellent service and quality, her peers can always count on her to help them look their best.

Q: How did you get into makeup?  

A: I always played around with it but never thought much of it. Growing up, I always liked dressing up and going out. I got into makeup a few years ago and started watching and recreating YouTube videos, and then took it more seriously from there. I started doing friends’ makeup and their moms for events and weddings and it took off from there!

Q: What makes you love the beauty industry?

 A: I love how makeup can empower someone, making them feel so much more confident and proud of who they are. I love how makeup allows you to bring out features that you love about yourself and enhance them, andbeing able to transform into basically a completely different character whenever you want!

Q: What are your top three products you can’t live without?

  • A. Mascara (“Better than Sex” by Too Faced, or “Va-Va Volume Mascara” by Elizabeth Grant)
  • B. Concealer. Brighten up eyes and hide dark circles
  • C. Blushvava

Q: Which regular beauty tips do you offer to your clients?

A: Always curl lashes!!! Makes such a difference. And use bright eye liner or highlighter for inner tear ducts of eyes to open and brighten them up

Q: What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make?  

A: Using the wrong colour foundation or concealer. People don’t realize how proper lighting shows it all  

Q: What trends do you think are here to stay?  

A: Big bold lashes!! All the way  

Q: What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?  

A: Combination of “They’re Real” by Benefit for length and “Better Than Sex” by two faces for volume. They’re both mascaras. 

Q: Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?  

A: Benetint by Benefit gives the best rosey cheeks and lips (lip and cheek stainer). So natural and pretty. Less is always more. Unless you’re going out… That’s a diff story. And always put mascara on lower lashes. Such a doll like look I love it  

Q: When you are out on the town, what beauty products are staples in your purse?  

A: Cover up. For when the night gets late and bags start to show. White eye liner or some highlighter to make me look more awake and use on my eyes and cheek bones. And definitely Mascara!!! A must have. 

Q: Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?

A: Kylie Jenner. Her makeup is always flawless and so natural. I’d love to able to do neutral tones on her or even see how a bolder look would look on her.

Q:  Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself. 

A: Bold eye and lip. It’s hard to rock a bold smokey eye and a dark lip without lookin’ too “badass” but I found a way that worked and I was amazed.

Q: What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it? 

A: Gel eye liner smudges all the time when clients open their eyes too early. And false lashes can be a mess. I try to take my time and explain what I’m doing to my client at every step of the way so that:

A) They know what’s going on

B) Can learn tips 

C) Don’t open their eyes too early 


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card cardd

Ask an Expert: Brow shaping 101


Lexi Miles
Founder & Managing Director


BIO: Lexi Miles, a Toronto-based management consultant is the founder of Waxon™ Waxbar, Canada’s premiere Waxbar concept. Waxon opened its flagship location in Toronto at 1242 Yonge Street (at Walker Avenue) in April 2012 and this November will open its second Toronto location, including its MiniBar concept, in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Customers can expect more locations from Waxon in 2014! Waxon has become known for introducing many waxing firsts to the Canadian market, including products like Princereigns, BareEase, Numb Nuts and Lycon; and was rated number one waxing salon in Toronto by BLOGTO in 2012.

Q: What is the best way to prepare your skin for any sort of facial waxing? 

A: Follow the three golden rules.

#1 Exfoliating your skin the day before waxing is ideal as it will remove the oldest dead skin cells and refresh your skin to help prepare the hair to be removed easier.

#2 Always keep your skin hydrated. This improves waxing results because dry skin can be more susceptible to irritation.

#3 If you’ve had a chemical peel wait a few weeks before waxing.

Q: what are your personal “rules” of DIY brow shaping? (i.e. – how to avoid the dreaded over-tweezing or uneven brow)

A: Personally, I live by the rule – “leave your brows to the professionals”. Relying on the pro’s avoids the risk of over-tweezing and damaging your brows for good! For anyone that has had a brow mishap they know what I mean… you can affect the hair growth and worst case scenario you may never be able to grow the hair back! AHH!

If you are looking to SAVE on your brows I recommend first going for a brow shaping consult. Get your ultimate brow shape from the professional and then maintain it on your own by remembering these key tips:

•   Where should your brows start? Hold a thin makeup brush outside of your nose, where it touches above your eye is whereyour brow line should start.

  Where should your brows stop? Hold a thin makeup brush from the bottom corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye this is where your brows should end.

Fill in your brows before waxing so you know your lines and don’t accidently remove some of your re-growth areas.

Do NOT over tweeze!

Q: what is the safest way to bring down any redness or irritation around the eye area caused by waxing?

A: It’s very important to go to a place that uses a low temperature wax or hard wax for the face, especially if you’re looking for a wax on-the-go as these waxes will leave your skin far less irritated. I recommend Lycon’s Lycojet wax for face. Lycojet is a gorgeous purple hard, stripless wax, where oil is applied to the skin first to act as a barrier between the skin and the wax, this creates a much more calm and less irritated experience.

It’s important to ensure your aesthetician cleanses the skin before they wax and wears gloves to avoid irritation.

It also helps to go somewhere, like WAXON where we apply products to calm and soothe the skin as well as a mineral make-up post wax to reduce redness and keep you looking fabulous while you go about the rest of your day!

Q: What are some of the top trends in brow shaping right now? i.e. thick vs thin, etc.

A: Bold Brows are back and better than ever! The runways for spring / summer fashion are all about sporting the “unkept” bold brow look. Think Lily Collins, Jennifer Connelly, Sofia Vergara.


Get the Look: Your Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Tool Kit

rby-elizabeth-grant-light-up-your-brows-1-lgnLight Up Your Brows – precision tweezer with LED light and gold mirror case

-600-fit-vit-c-sf-eye-concentrate4x6Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit Eye Concentrate

-600-fit-exclusives-2-phase-intensive-hydra--treatment-activating-liquidExclusives 2 Phase Intensive Hydra Treatment

-600-fit-soc spot exfo4x6The Socializer Spotlight Exfoliator

ASK THE EXPERT: Tami El Sombati’s Top 5 Makeup Tips for Holiday Glamour



Tami El Sombati, Hair and Makeup Artist, Judy Inc. 

This in-demand young artist is dedicated, creative, and thinks outside the box – the final product is never short of stunning.
Tami has graced the sets of top directors RT!, Aaron A, and Kyle Davison.
Her extensive client list includes celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Drake and television shows such as “Canada’s Next Top Model” and the hit Canadian talent show “The Next Star”.

The holidays are just around the corner, and there are a few makeup trends to help you get through all of your parties in style! It’s best to pick one at a time, and keep it simple. Make sure the only flakes you see this season are snow, and be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your skin and lips during the cold months so that you have a good base for makeup to last through the festivities. Also, PRIMER! 
Try: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care The Socializer’s Spotlight Exfoliator and Beautiful Colours Professional Makeup Primer.

-600-fit-soc spot exfo4x6-600-fit-makeupprimer

1. Metallic Eyes: Gold’s and silvers are right on trend, and perfect for a holiday party look! Make it all about your eyes with mascara, and even add a winged liner if you want some more drama.
: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Beautiful Colours Liquid Eye Shadows in Aegean Sea, Vienna Roast or Parisian Blush-600-fit-pink

2. Red Lips: A classic red is my personal go-to. Make sure to pick either a cool or warm red, depending on what compliments your skin tone. You’ll want to keep your eye makeup light so that the lips remain the star!

Try: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Light Up Your Lips in Shimmering RedLUYL_Shimmering Red2

3. Glitter: This is a tricky one! There’s a fine line between holiday sparkle and looking like a Christmas tree! To keep the look simple, use a glitter liner, or focus on the inner corner of the eyes for a little twinkle.

Try: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Beautiful Colours Eye Shadow Palette in Shades of Romance

4. Berry Stain: Dark lips are perfect for a party (they even camouflage red wine lips!). If a red lip is too much maintenance, try a stain! It has great staying power. You can also blot a darker lipstick in the centre of your lips with your finger, and blend it out to the lip-line with a q-tip.

Try: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Heavenly Lips Lipstick in Red.

5. Jewel Tones: Instead of the classic black smokey eye, try using jewel tones. Emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple are all an easy swap for black, and the right choice can really bring out your eye colour. If a smokey eye isn’t up your alley, a coloured liner is just as effective.

Try: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Beautiful Colours Cream Blush in Peach  as a subtle accent to this bold look.








BIO: As a child, Tami would spend hours in the bathroom playing with make-up and imitating what she saw in fashion magazines and in the movies. This led Tami to pursue the Cosmetic Techniques and Business Management program at Sheridan College, returning to school a year later to complete an intensive hair styling program. She finished at the top of her class with an astute eye for detail and creative flare.  The combination of her excellence in schooling, her innate creativity, and her vast experience on set has made Tami the artist she is today.  This in-demand young artist is dedicated, creative, and thinks outside the box – the final product is never short of stunning. Tami has graced the sets of top directors RT!, Aaron A, and Kyle Davison.  Her extensive client list includes celebrities such as Justin Bie ber and Drake and television shows such as “Canada’s Next Top Model” and the hit Canadian talent show “The Next Star”.

Makeup Monday with Ashlee Kellett

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522501_10151375333098561_1520536311_n1. What makes you love the beauty industry?
My love affair began with the beauty industry very early on, it’s the confidence I see when a little lipstick is applied or lashings of mascara with a bit of blush, no matter the amount be it a little, or a lot, the inner beauty radiates when you’re looking and feeling confident and I love that makeup can do for that you.

2. What are your top three products your can’t live without?
My amazing Aspect Dr range of skin care! I can live without the makeup as long as my skin is looking and feeling fresh.

419370_10151534133048561_1355503448_n-1This is also something that I try and promote as much as possible too as makeup shouldn’t be there to cover imperfections and apply as thick as wall paint (I see this happen more often than not), its to enhance features. If you have problem skin then head to a beauty therapist and have your skin diagnosed, that redness that you’re trying to cover up may just need a decent dose of Vitamin A and a professional grade of beauty products dedicated to treat YOUR skin.

My personal favourite three products are Aspect Dr Deep Cleanser, Exfol A Plus Serum, and Resveratrol Moisturizing Cream. I don’t go anywhere without them. And if I’m allowed a fourth it would be my trusty Environ Sunblock – that’s in my handbag and applied every few hours!

….And if I have these products already stashed on my desert island, and I was packing a couple of makeup products, I’d look no further than the Bobbi Brown eyebrow palette, one – I wouldn’t go anywhere without filling them in just a touch, I still prefer the au-natural look so a little goes a long way when it comes to your brows but also if you’re stuck, you can dab a little on the pad of your finger and place in the corner of your lids (at the >) and create a natural soft smokey eye – easy! The other two would be Maybelline falsies mascara and my Pawpaw lip treatments. Great for the stranded beachy look ;)

66451_10151428772428561_481237931_n   3. Which regular beauty tips do you offer your clients?
That a little goes a long way! I see so many beautiful girls putting on far too much makeup, great for some nights out when you do want to go a little glam but chill it during the week and go out at night without makeup sometimes. Trust me it’ll up your confidence so much more than plastering yourself with loads of makeup every single day and lets be honest, I’m yet to meet a guy that likes that look. (I haven’t lived in LA though!)

4. What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make?
It surprised me a lot that most people don’t know their colours, which colours suit them best and enhances their eye colour. A lot of girls come to me asking if blue is the best eyeshadow colour for blue eyes still..

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes:
Blue eyes are best enhanced by pale golds, minky browns, brown-greys, warm bronzes and purple shades, all of which can be used to create a smoky eye effect for fair skin. Avoid too much pink as it will make your eyes look redder.

Eyeshadow for Green Eyes:
Green eyes look amazing with yellow-toned beiges, dark greens and greys. To make everyone green-eyed with envy, plump for rich violets and purples.

Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes:
Brown eyes can carry off pretty much any colour but top choices are dark browns and khakis. Intense blue colours also make brown eyes pop.

  • If you have a dark skin colour, steer clear of silvery colours as they can look harsh on your skin. Choose something warmer with more golden tones.
  • Dark skin and Asian skin tones can also really work intense bright colours. Try bright rust colours and deep purples and lilacs.
  • If your eye has flecks of colour in the iris, highlight them with complementary colours. Hazel and brown eyes often have bronze or warm gold hints in them, so choose a rich yellow gold to make them ping.


5. What trends do you think are here to stay?
If you find yourself looking at makeup’s history you’ll find that most ‘trends’ have already come and gone a few times over the past few decades, and they always tend to linger around for a while afterward, I think its a matter of finding what suits you the most and playing with different variations of style and colour rather than following trends. Most are created on the catwalk anywho and we rarely actually see these brought into everyday life, apart from the true fashionistas. My style of makeup is more about creating beauty-looks for the individual than making sure you’re keeping up with the trends. What suits one will not always suit the other.

6. What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?
BB Creams (also known as Beauty Balms and/or Blemish Balms) were created by German dermatologists, they made a name for themselves in Korea and Japan, and then they caught on quickly worldwide. BB Creams are great little multi-taskers that combine ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants to help brighten, moisturize, prime and protect skin. All of these amazing ingredients in one bottle help eliminate the need to use so many products and simplify our daily beauty routines! They are probably best thought of as a combination of tinted moisturizer, serum and primer; they offer the functionality of both a primer and a tinted moisturizer but also contain many of the benefits of a skin serum. Plus SPF!  Designed to give a more sheer, natural, and radiant complexion.

7. Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?521665_10151605435103561_1466848085_n
My signature tip as a makeup artist is really simple. Talking. Find out exactly what your clients wants and needs are and figure out how you best are going to achieve the clients look that she desires.

8. When you are out on the town, what beauty products are staples in your purse?
Out on the town? That rarely happens these days, a makeup artists working week is everyone else’s weekends, although if I am heading out for a dinner I’d possibly grab my trusty ‘Lady Danger’ lippy by MAC. Quick and easy to spruce any look up.

9. Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?
Dream client… argh there are so many! Rihanna would be one as she loves to experiment, and the same with Katy Perry, you’d be given a lot of creative license to just have fun with makeup.

10. Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself.
The most daring look, I think that comes down to the individual really, some peoples daring could be a black smokey eye. Fashion work is generally the most daring although, most looks for most fashion editorials we do are quiet out-there, Avante Garde.

11. What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it? Goodness, thankfully none come to mind, maybe a few bad fake tans over the years and running for the exfoliating gloves at sonic speed!430927_10151380916663561_509737024_n

Learn more about Ashlee and see her amazing work:
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Makeup Monday with Kristie Stoodley

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kristiestoodley1) What makes you love the Beauty Industry?
The constant change of trends and the beautiful canvases I get to work with

2) What are your top three products you can’t live without?
Vitamin C Nourishing Face Oil by Elizabeth Grant
-Aqua Rouge Lipstick by Make Up For Ever
-Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani

3) What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make?
Don’t over pluck your brows. And yes, LESS IS MORE

4) What trends do you think are here to stay?
Bold and natural brows, liner-both colored and black

BRD Campaign5) What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?
Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani because it helps achieve the look of flawless skin without making it looking heavy. It films well, and lasts all day.

6) Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?
I use my fingers a lot to blend, as most artists should. And I am a sponge girl, with all the hype out there, foundation brushes is the tool of choice. But personally you get a better coverage with a latex sponge. It has to be latex. You will use more foundation with a sponge but the outcome is totally worth it.

7) When you are out on the town, what beauty products are staples in your purse?
My M.A.C compact, a brown liner, and a dark berry lipstick which can double as a blush if need be.

RED LIPS8) Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?
Canadian model Jessica Stam. Wow, those eyes are just killer.

Double Beauty9) Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself.
For a fashion editorial spread I had to bleach and block out a supermodels eye brows. It was a first for me and It turned out great. I was able to dye them back in time for her to be on her way.

10) What was your most disastrous makeup experience? How did you fix it?
Hmmmm..a long time ago I left my brush set at home. I was on set for a creative when I realized what I did. I had a few extra brushes lying around in my bag, but not to the extent I needed. That’s when I found out that fingers also come in handy for applying makeup. Shoot turned out well, and since then I tend to use my fingers for some of the application process.

11) Which regular beauty tips do you offer your clients?
As of right now, I have taken some time off from being a makeup artist. I am now focusing on my new magazine REMARK. But I am always here for any questions my former clients have about their beauty needs.

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Makeup Monday with Victoria Stiles

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blogphoto 1) What makes you love the Beauty Industry?
The fact that I get to wake up every morning and play with makeup all day long, that’s what makes me love the beauty industry.  It’s incredible to do what I love to do for a living!

2) What are your top three products you can’t live without?
1. Embryolisse 24 Hour Cream
2. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Potion
3. Ardell False Lashes

3) Which regular beauty tips do you offer your clients?
Number one beauty tip is to take proper care of your skin.  Skin is the basis to any makeup application.  If the skin is dry, too oily, or broken out, the rest of the makeup application falls apart and can look messy.  The key is to take care of your skin and use light to minimal foundation to even tone.  The rest then falls into place!

cap_file_web_headshot4) What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make?
Wearing a foundation that is too dark for their skin.  You must match foundation and then, for added color, shade your face around contours with a bronzer.

5) What trends do you think are here to stay?
The smokey eye is a trend that I believe is beyond trend, it is here to stay and we love it!

6) What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?
I have fallen in love with L’Oreal’s BB Cream.  It is a foundation type product that softly evens skin tone.  It works great alone or under a fuller coverage foundation.  I use it religiously on clients and I’ve received a great response to the way it makes their skin look and feel.BEAUTY

7) Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?
I always add a few individual false lashes to the outer corner of eyes.  Typically I will use the short black from Ardell.  It opens up the eyes without looking too dramatic.

8) When you are out on the town, what beauty products are staples in your purse?
Translucent powder from Natural Born Cosmetics and a lip gloss, I have been using glosses from a newer line, Nia B. Cosmetics. 

582364_10200131379828512_662296490_n9) Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?
I always wanted to work with Jenna Elfman.  From her Dharma and Greg years, I’ve always loved her look and I got the opportunity to work with her just a few months ago, was amazing!  Aside from Ms. Elfman, I would love to have the opportunity to work with Kate Moss. 

10) Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself.
Top and bottom lashes on a bride with green and purple shadows was the most daring I believe, especially for the event, her own wedding!distinctioncover

11) What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it? It’s hard to remember back then because I try to block it out but, when I first started, I didn’t realize the importance of skin and matching foundation.  I would go very heavy on the foundation.  I had one client who had a very bad spell of acne, I had to keep re-doing her foundation, eventually we got it to where it needed to be. 


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Tips To Make Your Makeup Last

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MakeupIt’s finally summer Torricelumn™ Girls! You know what this means… Day trips to the beach, fancy brunches with your besties, and of course, the beautiful weather. The only downside to your perfectly planned beach day is it will take a good hour before your makeup starts melting off your face. Lucky for you, we have the 5 best tips to help that beautifully applied makeup last through the summer heat!

1. Use a face primer. Applying a primer to your skin before putting on foundation or tinted moisturizer creates a smooth base for the rest of your makeup application. If you are to invest in one product, a quality primer will make your makeup last. Primers can also make your lipstick last longer! Find out how in point 4.

2. Use a cream blush. If you know you have a long day ahead of you and find that reapplying makeup takes up time in your busy schedule, try a cream blush. Cream blush sticks to your skin and takes longer to fade than powder blush. For extra staying power, use a blush brush and dab some powdered blush on top of the cream for that extra hold!

3. Use a lipstain. Do you find that you reapply your lipstick more often than you check BC_Lip Stain + swatchyour phone? Try switching to a lipstain for the summer months. Use one like Elizabeth Grant Lipstain in Fusian Angel. This is a stain instead of a cream which locks the colour into your lips. No more worrying about reapplying your lipstick every 5 minutes! 

4. Use lipliner (and primer too). If you are not a lipstain kind of girl, try using a primer and lipliner before smearing on your favourite shade of lipstick. When using the lipliner + lipstick combo, follow these simple steps to create a longer lasting pout:

  • Apply a thin layer of primer to your lips and wait a minute for it to set.
  • Instead of just lining the outside of your lips with lipliner, fill in your entire lip (this will not only make your lipstick last longer, but it will intensify the colour).
  • Apply your lipstick shade of choice.

5. Use powder on the lashes. Pour some baby powder or loose translucent face powder into the palm of your hand. Take a clean and sterile mascara wand or makeup brush and roll it in the powder until wand is covered. Closing one eye at a time, dust the tops of your lashes with the powdered covered wand. You can now apply your waterproof mascara. This will thicken the lashes and will make your mascara last longer!

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Makeup Monday with Jackie Gideon

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Headshot 1 copy1) What makes you love the beauty industry?

The art, creativity and inspiration along with the reward I get from making my clients look their most stunning.

2) What are your top three products you can’t live without?

The base of all beautiful make-up is a perfect, glowing complexion, so I can’t live without a great concealer and a setting powder.  Eyebrows are also a key part of shaping the face.  Brow powder and pencils are essential to giving your eyebrows a full, natural look that can take years off of your age.

3) Which regular beauty tips do you offer your clients?

Keep brows as natural as possible; always use daylight to apply your make-up and use good quality products that are non-comedogenic, alcohol free, non-allergenic and fragrance-free.

4) What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make?

The number one most common beauty mistake woman make is over-tweezing their eyebrows.  Thin or artificially shaped eyebrows age you, so for a youthful look keep your brows full and neatly groomed.

5) What trends do you think are here to stay?

Bold black cat eye liner and a smoky eye make-up are timeless and can been seen as a trend looking back through every era.  With the newly refined qualities of powder shimmers, soft sheen and opalescent shades are now a timeless option to highlight eyes and key areas of the face.Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.03.38 PM

6) What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?

Foundation is my essential as it is the base for everything else I create.  Once the complexion is perfected a woman can wear almost any look she wants to try.  My trusted base product is Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation.  Just a little dab covers even the stubborn spots and it’s created for extremely sensitive skin.

7) Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?

I love a healthy pink glow on the cheeks without a lot of shine.  This adds youth and life to your face and always looks classic. My goal is to ensure that my celebrity clientele and my brides always look stunning.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.03.03 PM8) When you are out on the town, what beauty products are staples in your purse?

I never go out of town without tweezers, lip gloss, translucent powder and concealer.

9) Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?

I would love to work with Kate Middleton and to be able to push some boundaries with her beauty.  It would be fun to see her in a high-fashion look, something really creative, a little daring.  She is so gorgeous.

10) Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself.

I like to take bridal editorials and push the envelope beyond the basic blushing bride and create a lush, high-fashion look that sparks the imagination.
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.02.29 PM

11) What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it?

Problematic skin is always a challenge as it is more difficult to apply make-up nicely.  When working with my clients, I work with them to find a skin care routine that works for them.  I help them to address their concerns and help bring their skin back to a healthy place.  Skin care is a very integral part of the beauty routine and once we are able to overcome the challenges we can then create a gorgeous make-up routine.

Machu Picchu – The Finale

elizabeth grant, Fitness


Your ambition should be to get as much life out of living as you possibly can, as much enjoyment, as much interest, as much experience, as much understanding. Not simply be what is generally called a “success.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Untitled2

I’m sitting in the garden of the Sanctuary Lodge gazing at the splendid mountains that surround Machu Picchu. A lizard just ran past my feet. Birds are singing and calling and the sun is beating down. I love the sound of fresh running water – and there are 4 small waterfalls cascading into streams within eye shot.

A euphoric peace envelops this place despite the buses that arrive every 5 minutes with tourists of all ages who want to experience the joy, the energy, the spiritual revival of Machu Picchu that permeates the air.

You can see the energy in these photos – the sun’s rays bouncing everywhere- you can feel it, breathe it and almost touch it.

Untitled3I came to Machu Picchu on a whim. I’m leaving knowing that I have been given a gift – something I will carry with me for the rest if my life. We live in a beautiful world. It is up to each of us to find that beauty and treasure it.

I also want to thank the Andean Trek Company for the well organized trek.  The food was exceptional, the guides knowledgeable, helpful,  considerate and strong. And incredible experience – beyond both Sharon and my expectations!Untitled4Untitled1